‘Between Times’ – Kitchen Sink Drama

Here is another work from my ‘Between Times’ solo exhibition, which continues at Gallery 6 in Newark-on-Trent – ‘Kitchen Sink Drama (High Farm)’, mixed media on canvas, 51x51cm, £500 (unframed).

Susan Isaac - Kitchen Sink Drama (High Farm) Whilst looking around the kitchen for inspiration one day, the accumulation of dishes in the kitchen sink drew my attention. I must confess that I quite enjoy the routine process of layering and building semi-balancing towers, reminiscent of a child’s set of stacking cups, placing smaller pieces within larger vessels and in turn arranged these within the framing of the ceramic sink. The outlines of these shapes then become interrupted by an assortment of knives and spoons, counterbalanced across rims or protruding from within mugs. Above this, running like a dado border, is a more carefully spaced and semi-permanent display of jugs and pots on the window sill. The draining board striations, repeated in the wooden planking of the flooring, are a reminder of a familiar drawing room motif, hinting at lines of perspective.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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2 Responses to ‘Between Times’ – Kitchen Sink Drama

  1. Chris Lovie-Tyler says:

    Love this.

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