My work has won the following awards:

Susan Isaac - St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

‘St Peter Mancroft, Norwich’. 1st Prize Nocturne Category Paint Out Norwich (2018)

Susan Isaac - Arcade on Terrace Road Buxton

‘The Cavendish Arcade, Buxton’. International Festival Choice in the Buxton Spa Prize Open Art Competition (2017)










Susan Isaac - The Harbour at Wells-Next-The-Sea

‘The Harbour at Wells-Next-The-Sea’. Shortlisted for the 2017 Sir John Hurt Art Prize (part of the Holt Festival)

Susan Isaac - The Iron Bridge

‘The Iron Bridge’. Thoresby Open First Prize Thoresby Open Exhibition (2017)









Susan Isaac - Ascending the Castle Mound, Oxford

‘Ascending the Castle Mound, Oxford’. 1851 Prize at the Oxford Open plein air competition (2015)

Susan Isaac - Magdalen Bridge, Oxford

‘Magdalen Bridge, Oxford’. Wilson Browne prize at the Leicester Open26 Exhibition (2015)









Susan Isaac - St Johns College from Trinity Street, Cambridge

‘St Johns College from Trinity Street, Cambridge’. Winsor & Newton Award at Patchings (2015) & Exhibition prize winner of the Thoresby Open Exhibition (2015)

Susan Isaac - Newark Castle from Trent Bridge

‘Newark Castle from Trent Bridge’. Exhibition prize winner & Tony Wilkinson prize in the Thoresby Open Exhibition (2011).