‘Between Times’ – The Wicker Chair Trio

Susan Isaac - The Wicker ChairThis is the fourth installment about my solo exhibition, ‘Between Times’ at Gallery 6 in Newark-on-Trent, 9 Dec 2020 to 9 Jan 2021. Although the gallery is currently closed under Covid restrictions, you can see the full catalogue of works on the gallery website and contact the gallery for more information.

The wicker chairs that appear in these paintings becamSusan Isaac - Wicker Chairs and Tablee an important motif for me this year. They were, in part, a reminder of shared time with friends who’s company, under the circumstances, could no longer be enjoyed. But also these old Rattan chairs had belonged to my parents who had died some years earlier, and although still retaining their elegant form they had very little structural integrity and were no longer in useful service.

I put them in the orchard in early spring, and as summer progressed into autumn they dissolved further and the orchard vegetation began to grow rather beautifully through them, gradually absorbing them.

Through April and May, the Rattan bindings remained reasonably intact and their sharpened details gave opportunity to create striking woven textures to contrast with the abundance of nature’s patternation. The lines of elegantly Susan Isaac - Sun through the Orchard (High Farm)manufactured shapes harmonised with their organic surroundings whilst at the same time drawing the eye to an ephemeral human presence.

By September, as the surfaces lost their distinction, I let the pair take on a more distant silhouetted appearance, entwined with the apple branches, sometimes flushed with an acute golden sunlight.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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