Cowbar Nab at Staithes

I recently completed a new series of Staithes paintings, that are now in the Staithes Gallery and wanted to write a little about them. In this first work, the monumental land mass of Cowbar Nab Susan Isaac - Cowbar Nab and North Side at Staithesdominates this view of Staithes harbour, with its deep mirrored image extending into the becalmed foreground waters. Warm pink and grey hues form distinctive striated layers of shale and ironstone. The red tints resonate first through the pantiled roofs of the nearby cottages, and then again, more stongly, in the vibrant paintwork of the foreground boats and their buoys. The albeit unintentional cruciform of the mast on one of the boats has implications of warding off disaster out in more perilous waters.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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