What my blog is about

This blog is an attempt to write about what I do. I am a painter and sculptor. As a painter I work mostly with oils, mostly on canvas, but sometimes on board or other media. As a sculptor I work mainly with clay but, again, occasionally in other media.  In all my work, as it says on my website, I “endeavour to capture the spirit of things or places I have known, seeking to illuminate aspects of the world that have captured my imagination – to evoke feeling”. That is genuinely in my mind as I work.

I love the sea and I love harbours, and an important theme in my paintings is coastal scenes. I make frequent trips to the North Yorkshire coast and to Norfolk and Cornwall. Most of my seascapes emerge from those experiences. As an example, I recently completed the painting below as one of a series of Porthleven in Cornwall, where I stayed last summer. The work is in oil on canvas and measures 50cm square.

Slipway at Porthleven Harbour

Slipway at Porthleven Harbour (oil on canvas, 50cm square).

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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  1. You encapture everything that makes me want to revisit some of my favourite places.

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