Southwell Minster Landscapes 4

Southwell Minster’s West Gate with its ancient bell-shaped yew trees on either side is an impressive prelude to the Minster itself. In this painting, the cathedral is relegated to the background. I loved the way the snow clothed the Yews, which gave opportunities for shadows helping to emphasise their shape. This oil painting came very straightforwardly, with a sense of the freedom that I find a watercolour more normally allows – the painting virtually creating itself – with me just orchestrating the compositional elements.

Susan Isaac - The West Gate of Southwell Minster

Susan Isaac - The West Gate of Southwell Minster (oil on canvas, 20 x 50cm)

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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1 Response to Southwell Minster Landscapes 4

  1. I love this Susan. The yews and landscape of roofs iced with snow pull one up and into the composition. The painting makes me want to be there in that cold, crisp weather, exploring the precincts before heading off for coffee and a thaw!

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