Crew Yard Ink Drawing Studies

Susan Isaac - From under the Crew YardThese two ink drawing studies are part of my ‘Between Times‘ exhibition at Gallery 6. Both were made during lockdown in April at our farm, against the backdrop of the old Crew Yard that abuts our 18th century threshing barn. They made for an interesting compendium of human activity – I liked the sense of a conveyor belt of daily life, a sort of suspended animation.

In the first, ‘From under the Crew Yard (High Farm)‘, the shapes outlined with light and the shadows thrown by the various items of clothing (similar but different each wash day) are framed by the crew yard beams and pillars. The warmth and light seemed to radiate through the clothing and reflect down from the corrugated roof.

Susan Isaac - View from the Crew YardIn ‘View from the Crew Yard (High Farm)‘, the washing became highlighted against the deeply shadowed barn wall. I enjoyed following the mechanical details of barn construction and the neighbouring old stable, becoming increasingly aware of functionality as well as the gentle, seemingly incidental, decorative detailing. The spacing and proportions of the rough wooden pillars and the corrugated wave of iron sheeting of the Crew Yard building keeping step with the lines of pantiles and dentilated eaves of the older barn and stable – form and function in harmony.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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