Paint Out Norfolk 2020 – Day 3 (Norwich)

Susan Isaac - Norwich set upToday’s cluster of Paint Out Norfolk locations were the ‘green spaces’ of the county town – I arrived in Norwich a little later than planned and headed for the Cathedral Quarter, knowing I’d find something of architectural interest. I settled eventually on the green of the Cathedral Close, which has enough beauty in its own right, but rising behind the fine Georgian housing is the spire of the cathedral itself.

I decided on a composition which made use of a Victorian style street lamp to emphasise the series of vertical elements of the subject matter. The lighting was pretty steady over the course of the afternoon as I built my sketch and modulated the paint. I’m always surprised and excited at how visceral the process of ‘sculpting’ a painting can be. Even a seemingly straightforward view can’t be taken for granted. That process can demand such a lot of effort, sometimes to a point of exhaustion!

Susan Isaac - Textures and Layers (Cathedral Close Norwich)I was a little distracted during this paint by the sight and sounds of the cathedral’s resident peregrine falcons, whose hunting habits were not for the faint-hearted. Plugging myself in to a music device I let the strains of Mozart override the haunting cries of these birds. When my time was up, I packed up my equipment, leaving a bit of paint on hand for the any last minute alterations (with which I am inevitably tempted when examining my ‘completed’ works), before I headed off to hand in the work at the event hub within Whitlingham Country Park.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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