Affordable Art Fair 2

Here are two more paintings completed for the Affordable Art Fair’s Wren Gallery stand. In these Cornish works, the high sun illuminates the atmosphere in both, but the shadows are orchestrated differently according to the lay of their respective coastlines.  St Ives beaches, outward facing and stretching into the Atlantic, brazenly soak up the light, leaving little room for shady hues. By contrast Polperro has a more guarded aspect, unfurling from its estuary and the folds of the land and turns of the sea walls create a multitude of shadowy tints.

Susan Isaac - Old Harbour Wall at Polperro

Susan Isaac – Old Harbour Wall at Polperro

In ‘The Old Harbour Wall at Polperro’, I like the rhythmic tilt of the boats in the foreground and the visual connection to the cottages above them by the wooden ladder scaling the harbour wall. These sunlit cottages make a striking contrast with the deeply shaded wall, whose edge is further defined by the brightly gilded cottages in the distance.

Susan Isaac - The Wharf, St Ives

Susan Isaac – The Wharf, St Ives

On a languid summer’s midday at St Ives, the wharf curves around the harbour beach. Cool silvery mauves of the wharf contrast against the warm pale sand whilst in the foreground the colourful deckchairs, casting a fugitive aubergine shadow, stand empty inviting passers-by to take a seat and join the scene.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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