O3 Gallery – Bay View Terrace, Porthleven

Susan Isaac - Bay View Terrace, Porthleven

Susan Isaac – Bay View Terrace, Porthleven

In preparing for the O3 exhibition, I worked first on the 10 Oxford paintings that I had planned out. When these were complete I started on the Cornwall compositions.  Having been completely immersed in the Oxford landscape I was anticipating the change of scenery. I chose to use essentially the same palette of colours but I knew the light and building materials would push the colour mixes in different directions. The seascapes also invited the opportunity of new forms, new shapes. This painting of Bay View Terrace in Porthleven resulted from a walk on a particularly sunny afternoon. I came to a halt at this strong shadow cast by pierced sculptural forms in the iron railings. Railings and shadow became the focus for the painting. The harbour on the right and the iconic row of Edwardian villas on the left emphasise context – the railings form a protective boundary that is something to look over, into the view beyond.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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