Southwell Minster series – 4

Began two more pictures of Minster – one view from beside the Minster Cafe, the other from Potwell Dyke. In the first view, I wanted to use the cafe furniture with red parasols in the foreground – looking for a colour inversion effect from the strong reds and the washed out green-blue of the sky. Still feel the effect is not yet strong enough. The Potwell Dyke view appealed because it was looking at the Minster through a gap in the hedge, with a piece of fencing holding back a brightly lit piece of field in the middle ground. Both paintings were meant to be painted a bit looser with details in places added later – blocks of colour indicating main areas. I didn’t think I had gone far enough in this – still being too tentative. Put to one side to consider later with fresh eye.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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