‘Between Times’ – two paintings

Here are two more pieces that are available as part of my ‘Between Times’ exhibition Gallery 6 in Newark – the gallery is hoping to open again on Weds 30 Dec, meanwhile all of the paintings can be viewed on the Gallery 6 website.

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These were experimental paintings that followed on from my tonal studies of the same subject matter in my earlier post, exploring ways to convey spacial depth. They were made at home in March at the outset of lock down. I’m working here in the old crew yard on our farm, where 6 months earlier we’d held a ceilidh for our eldest daughters wedding. Unable to travel under the new restrictions, I was searching for something of interest to work from. I also saw the potential for variety in further studies – an ever changing washing line. Standing here on sunny days I’m always struck by the way that light diffuses through the clothing as well as the changing patterns of shadows being cast on the crew yard floor.

About Susan Isaac

Contemporary Artist - painter and ceramic sculptor
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