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Susan Isaac – Berlin 1

Susan Isaac - Berlin 1

Winner of 1st Prize in ‘Our Changing World’ D31 exhibition.
Mixed media on canvas
51x51cm (frame 59x59cm)
£825 framed
Contact Susan.
This is 1 of 3 works that were drawn out of me following a visit to Berlin. This first is my sense of the Neues Museum. People moved contemplatively through galleries of stunningly displayed Egyptian heads and figurines where I was struck by the sense of time, both multilayered and suspended – with ranks of austere state-of-the-art display cases looking like cryogenic sarcophagi, whilst occupying the historic museum interior, itself a living record of change. The museum building was famously re-cast by British architect David Chipperfield to create a stunnning modern museum whilst preserving a sense of the damage inflicted in WWII bombing on the original 19th century building.

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