Isles of Scilly – thoughts & impressions

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I visited the Isles of Scilly with my partner in 2019 at the invitation of some friends and we experienced two weeks of beautiful tranquility, from which these paintings emerged.

Connected geologically to the long granite arm of Cornwall this oasis of islands looked familiar at first glance, but we were soon noticing the sub tropical vegetation, from whose branches moss growths built into airy beards and the abundance of stars on our first night. We were introduced by our hosts to each unique island by turns over our weeks stay.

Sweeping white bays soothed by turquoise slate seas characterised much of the north edges of the islands, where beach sand sparkles on bare feet with mica crystals. Whilst to the south and west, sudden drops of beaten rocks and bracken tanned moorland faced the Atlantic Ocean. Dotted sparingly throughout were monuments to sporadic human activity from Neolithic times on – milestones in these islands’ particular history.